Welcome to ISU-system!

The ISU-system is a innovative possibility to turn over semi-trailers on pocket wagons without additional equipment.

Advantages of this system:

- available terminals remain useable
- handling with gantry crane / portal frame
- transport of various saddle heights is possible
- multifaceted usability of pocket wagons (semi-trailers, swap bodies and ISO-containers)
- advantages in logistics
- reduced capital investment and operating expenses compared to available systems
- the wheel grippers fulfill the function of a chock, if the semi-trailer is placed in the pocket wagon
- a complex security system for the protection of the king-pin becomes redundant
- available pocket wagons can easily be adapted to the ISU-system
- the ISU-system can be used with all types of pocket wagons

Please click "presentation" for a short demonstration.

In this demonstration we only show the manual mode of operation to illustrate the basic concept.
The whole workflow could be fully automatised as well.
See "animation automatic wheelgrippers" for an example.

This site is still under construction.

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